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It isn't about perfection. It is about balance within the body.

Yoga. Reiki. Massage. Doula. Lactation. Overall Nurturer.


Combining years as a practicing Yogi, Mindfulness Coach, Birth+Lactation Specialist, Reiki Master and Therapeutic Massage, along with unique training techniques, Nest NYC builds life practices with you, that suit you. 


My Story

I am a nurturer. My name is Sarah. I do what I am guided to: encouraging others toward feeling into and living their best life. All through yoga, reiki, breath-work, therapeutic body work, life-situation coaching and pregnancy/labor/delivery/postpartum/lactation services. 

Family history guided me on this path. My maternal grandmother and her sister were healers through their hands. Compassionate and gentle, shepherds to those around them. My paternal grandmother birthed her children, all 11, in the hills of KY with only a midwife by her side. She was a strong willed woman, who listened to her body and followed its guidance. 

Growing with such influences I learned young how to listen, really listen to the world around me and the world within me. How important caring for our bodies is. A value system around nurturing through the food we eat, the way we move, the way we love the land and environment around us; within us. These values were challenged when I moved to Manhattan; took years to adjust. Through mentors and teachers, books and speakers, and lots of patience with the fast-paced urban setting, learning who Sarah is while growing and developing into the person and practitioner I am today.

I do my best to remain inspired and believe that when we are ourselves inspired, we inspire others. Ripple effect. 

One of my prime inspirations is being alongside another as they learn more about themselves and become healthier; influencing their own personal growth and happiness. Then others in their life are affected. Ripple effect.

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I'm a Kentucky resident and reached out to NestNYC in March 2020. I've been practicing yoga with Sarah through Zoom and actually love the virtual classes. My life's journey has taken me many places and yoga has always been part of this path, but I wasn't getting the most out of my practice until I met Sarah. She really teaches from her heart.

~ Lorie, Lawrenceburg, KY

My husband and I have been practicing yoga with Sarah for years! Without a doubt, Sarah is our favorite yoga instructor. We always leave class feeling rejuvenated. My husband used to have horrible back issues and practicing yoga with Sarah has completely solved them, so we are extremely grateful. Sarah also has an amazing spirit and presence, so on top of her wonderful teaching, we also just enjoy being around her. Thank you Sarah for all of the great instruction!

~ Farrell, New York, NY

The support I receive from Sarah during our yoga sessions is pure magic. I never once have a doubt that she is a master at what she does. She is so connected to source while in her element, you have no choice but to join in her state of flow as she guides you with confidence, compassion and ease. Thank you Sarah for truly connecting me with my body, the power of breath, and teaching me to listen to its needs. I highly recommend classes with Sarah; she is truly a rare find!

~ Vanessa Hernandez, Hawley, PA

Working with Sarah has been nothing short of a transformative experience. Her expertise, patience, attention to detail and above all, her lit snd personable attitude helped me recreate my relationship with my body. I look forward to our sessions and greatly enjoy the benefits of our work together. 

Ruby Namdar, New York, NY

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